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Learn the Critical Reasons for United Jerusalem. By Rafael Haar, the Founder of

(UJFA) United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance & (POI)

United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance;  A monolithic grassroots pro-Israel, pro-freedom justice advocacy movement. UJFA’s mission is promoting the maintenance of; United Jerusalem, as the exclusive undivided Capital of the State of Israel.

The question to ask those that want to divide Jerusalem. Is Israel entitled to remain sovereign over Judaism's holiest place, the Temple Mount? Those who believe Israel needs to surrender in perpetuity her sovereign right over the Jewish world's holiest place Temple Mount are in fact advocating the dissolution of Judaism. The pinnacle of Anti-Semitism!


The message for a United Jerusalem is freedom vs. tyranny and tolerance vs. intolerance. A universal message for all who cherish or desire freedom. Referencing mixed messages about politics, law, religion, history and security causes confusion, however all the above require freedom and tolerance in order to operate at the highest levels. 

Presently the most significant threats to the free world is China and the (GISM) Global Islamic Supremacist Movement. Under the Biden regime, now in 2023 the GISM  has hitched its wagon to China. Now the GISM is exponentially more dangerous. This article will focus on GISM’s threat to Israel and the Judeo-Christian free world.

Understanding the strategic goal of the Islamic theocrats waging war against us who live in freedom, is vital to understanding why the status of Jerusalem is critical to the security of the free world, and why it must remain united, exclusively under Israel’s sovereignty.

Maintaining a United Jerusalem is where the (GISM) Global Islamic Supremacist Movement for world domination ends. By preventing the Islamic Jihadists from conquering Judaism and Christendom's holiest places. After all, the GISM can not claim to dominate the Judeo-Christian free world without conquering Judaism and Christendom's holiest places in Jerusalem. Jerusalem therefore is the physical, spiritual and civilizational front line of the free world.

When Trans-Jordan now known as Jordan illegally occupied and divided Jerusalem as it participated in the 1948 war of annihilation against Israel’s rebirth, she destroyed 58 Synagogues in the holy walled city and exiled all the Jews therein and used headstones from the oldest Jewish cemetery from the Mount of Olives to pave roads and latrines. They (Jordan) strictly limited Jews and Christians from accessing the holy and holiest places of their respective faiths.

Upon Israel's liberation of Jerusalem in early June of 1967 from Jordan (Trans-Jordan) illegal occupation and division, when the Arab Middle East again attempted to destroy the fledgling reborn State of Israel. Israel unified Jerusalem and established an open, secure and free city for all faiths.

Israeli sovereignty maintains this reality, with unprecedented sacrifices to her own historical and religious rights.

Live with honor or die in fear

The GISM strategic goal in re-establishing a Sharia compliant Islamic theocratic empire (Caliphate), is why the GISM wages war against the free world. The moral values of the west are antithetical to Islamic ideology. Israel’s existence is an affront to Islam under Sharia law, and is perceived as representing free world values.

We must recall that the Berlin wall fell without a shot fired. The West taught the world the bankruptcy of Communism, as must be done with Islamism. After all this is an ideological / civilizational struggle. Time to put aside the old PC / Political Correctness in exchange for the new PC / Pride and Courage.

Remember what U.S. President Barack Obama said at the February 6, 2014 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. … "As we support Israelis and Palestinians as they engage in direct talks, we've made clear that lasting peace will require freedom of worship and access to holy sites for all faiths"

I’m in agreement with that which X President Obama does “require” for “lasting peace” namely “Freedom of worship and access to holy sites for all faiths.” Presently this is not the case in Jerusalem at Judaism's holiest place, the Temple Mount. The current administrator of Temple Mount is the Jordanian Muslim Waqf which has placed draconian restrictions that deny “the freedom of worship and access to holy sites for all faiths,” with exception to Muslim’s.

The Jordanian Muslim Waqf does not meet Obama's stated requirement for “lasting peace.” Therefore I and many advocate the removal of the current administrator of Temple Mount and the establishment of a new management regime that will carry out that which you “require” for “lasting peace” Did Obama walk the walk for freedoms sake, not just talk the talk. No!

To be pro-Israel is to be pro-freedom of religion, speech, assembly, press, free fair elections, women's rights, and minority rights… etc. Right now an historical moral consensus needs to evolve into a critical mass. Recall, the world did not listen to Hitler. He spelled out his intentions, as does the GISM today.

Evil flourishes when good people do not do enough

Understanding and addressing the GISM call for "millions of martyrs” to “march on Jerusalem", in order to "liberate it" and make it the capital of their Sharia compliant Islamic theocratic empire (Caliphate) is essential knowledge in defining and ultimately defeating this totalitarian ideology.

Furthermore know that the refusal by the Nations of the free world to recognize Israel’s sovereign right to Judaism holiest place and places, is one of the if not greatest inspiration for the GISM. The time to remove this inspiration is now, we must stop empowering and emboldening the enemies of freedom and peace by standing with Israel's exclusive right to remain sovereign over a free and open to all, Jerusalem.

After all the contempt of the west's refusal to recognize United Jerusalem, is to its own determinant. Muslims know that the Temple Mount is Judaism's holiest place, they see the world refusing to recognize Jewish Israeli rights, and thank you for inviting their Jihad, by rewarding you, with escalating terror. The more the world stands against Israel, the stronger the GISM has become, now is the time to realize the negative effects of this paradigm and correct it.

Allah has delivered Temple Mount and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher Judaism and Christendom's holiest places in our hands, is the last message we who are free want to hear broadcast from every Mosque and Madrassa in the world. Just imagine the frenzy, could this start World War 3? Most likely.

Understand that there is no Arab Israeli conflict or Israeli Palestinian conflict. Israel exists in a state of war since her rebirth in 1948. Israel is the subject of ongoing never ending Islamic Jihadist inspired and initiated warfare aimed at her destruction. The vernacular drives the Narrative, we need to win this narrative warfare.

To those that advocate the creation of a brand new state of Palestine I ask; From 1949 to 1967 Israel did not control the so called “West Bank” and “Gaza”, no Jews no “settlements” existed in what today the PLO/PA defines as “historic Palestine". Why wasn’t Palestine established during those 19 years? And the answer is self evident, for there are no Gaza wars of Lebanon wars, Intifadas etc. These are battles in the same war for Israel’s Jewish independence in her ancestral homeland. I call upon those of good will to help Israel to finally achieve her independence once and for all, by doing so, together we will defeat the GISM.

And for those of good will who believe Israel needs to make peace with the Arab Islamic world, I agree. However if you're going to use the words Arab-Islamic and peace in the same sentence that obligates you to stop the Arab Islamist's from slaughtering each other. After all, they can’t make peace with their declared enemy until they live in peace among themselves. I implore you to get to work, and when you’ve done that, call me and we can discuss their future relationship with Israel. Terrorism is a tactic, one can not defeat a tactic, We need to defeat the ideology that creates the terrorists. We need to uphold and defend our freedoms and our moral values, and defending a free and open to all Jerusalem is an essential component in achieving this strategic goal.


United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance the monolithic grassroots pro-Israel, pro-freedom and justice advocacy movement. UJFA’s mission is promoting the maintenance of United Jerusalem, as the exclusive undivided Capital of Israel.


United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance;  A monolithic grassroots pro-Israel, pro-freedom justice advocacy movement. UJFA’s mission is promoting the maintenance of; United Jerusalem, as the exclusive undivided Capital of the State of Israel.

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