(POI) 2 phase Go fund me COMING soon. phase 1) website data base development. phase 2) ADVERTISEMENT in hebrew/english (POI) is a proprietary searchable database, displaying producers of POI. The POI database features a refined search option. Every POI producer/vendor will be provided with an administrative interface allowing them to control the propagation of 7 data fields. The POI platform will allow visitors to choose from multiple languages. 

1.The header (Company name and slogan) 
2. Logo/Graphic
3. Website Link
4. Description of Products and or Services
5. Contact Link Template
6. Link to Special Offerings
7. Keywords/Hidden

The POI searchable database will flag all producers of POI that are subject to boycott divestment and sanctions (BDS). POI’s response to BDS is Buycot. The best way to stand in support of Israel is buy the blue and white so we can overcome the fight, that’s the bottom line! POI Producers will pay an annual fee to be determined.

(Tier 1) Buyers will be required to create username and password, at no fee. Free shipping based on a purchase threshold.

(Tier 2) Members annual fee to be determined. Members will have certain privileges, such as; notifications of special offers, new offerings of interest to the member, having been previously determined based upon past search enquiries. Free shipping based on a purchase threshold.

(Tier 3) Wholesale purchase
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