Muslim Anti-Semitism

Muslim Antisemitism Compilation (1/2)

Muslim Antisemitism Compilation (2/2)

Many More Vile Examples of Muslim Anti-Antisemitism that Permeates The Arab Middle East

MEMRI President Yigal Carmon on Muslim Antisemitism

UNWRA United Nations Works & Relief Agency CAMP JIHAD... Unbelievable!... Islamic antisemitism, courtesy of the UN. The world is indeed upside down: the recognized guardians of peace and harmony are the world´s greatest enablers of hatred and violence. The West funding summer camps that teach Jihad to Arab children. In one part, campers are encouraged to chant: "With God´s help and our own strength we will wage war.
And with education and jihad we will return!"

The Muslim Brotherhood is a movement dedicated to the establishment of a global Islamic caliphate requiring all nations around the world to be subjugated under Islamic law. The Muslim Brotherhood is a brutal movement which hides it's brutal ideology in order to infiltrate Western society in a non-threatening way.