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Now & Forever a United Jerusalem Under Israel Sovereignty 
United Jerusalem and its Centrally Critical Role in Defeating the (GISM) Global Islamic Supremacist Movement by Raphael / Richard Haar Founder of
the home of the
(UJFA) United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance (UJFA)

UJFA is a global grassroots pro-Israel pro-freedom and justice advocacy movement. UJFA's mission is promoting the maintenance of United Jerusalem, as the exclusive undivided Capital of Israel

The message for a United Jerusalem is freedom vs. tyranny and tolerance vs. intolerance. A universal message for all who cherish or desire freedom. Referencing mixed messages about politics, law, religion, history and security causes confusion, however all the above require freedom and tolerance in order to operate at the highest levels. Presently the most significant threat to the free world is the (GISM) Global Islamic Supremacist Movement.

The question to ask those that want to divide Jerusalem. Is Israel entitled to remain sovereign over Judaism's holiest place, the Temple Mount? Those who believe Israel needs to surrender in perpetuity her sovereign right over the Jewish world's holiest place Temple Mount are in fact advocating the dissolution of Judaism. The pinnacle of Anti-Semitism!
Understanding the strategic goal of the Islamic theocrats waging war against us who live in freedom, is vital to understanding why the status of Jerusalem is critical to the security of the free world, and why it must remain united, exclusively under Israel’s sovereignty.

Maintaining a United Jerusalem is where the (GISM) Global Islamic Supremacist Movement for world domination ends. By preventing the Islamic Jihadists from conquering Judaism and Christendom's holiest places. After all, the GISM can not claim to dominate the Judeo-Christian free world without conquering Judaism and Christendom's holiest places in Jerusalem. Jerusalem therefore is the physical, spiritual and civilizational front line of the free world. When Trans-Jordan now known as Jordan illegally occupied and divided Jerusalem as it participated in the 1948 war of annihilation against Israel’s rebirth, she destroyed 58 Synagogues in the holy walled city and exiled all the Jews therein and used headstones from the oldest Jewish cemetery from the Mount of Olives to pave roads and latrines. They (Jordan) strictly limited Jews and Christians from accessing the holy and holiest places of their respective faiths.

Upon Israel's liberation of Jerusalem in early June of 1967 from Jordan (Trans-Jordan) illegal occupation and division, when the Arab Middle East again attempted to destroy the fledgling reborn State of Israel. Israel unified Jerusalem and established an open, secure and free city for all faiths. Israeli sovereignty maintains this reality, with unprecedented sacrifices to her own historical and religious rights.

Live with honor or die in fear

The GISM strategic goal in re-establishing a Sharia compliant Islamic theocratic empire (Caliphate), is why the GISM wages war against the free world. The moral values of the west are antithetical to Islamic ideology. Israel’s existence is an affront to Islam under Sharia law, and is perceived as representing free world values.

We must recall that the Berlin wall fell without a shot fired. The West taught the world the bankruptcy of Communism, as must be done with Islamism. After all this is an ideological / civilizational struggle. Time to put aside the old PC / Political Correctness in exchange for the new PC / Pride and Courage.

Remember what U.S. President Barack Obama said at the February 6, 2014 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. …  "As we support Israelis and Palestinians as they engage in direct talks, we've made clear that lasting peace will require freedom of worship and access to holy sites for all faiths"

I’m in agreement with that which X President Obama does “require” for “lasting peace” namely “Freedom of worship and access to holy sites for all faiths.” Presently this is not the case in Jerusalem at Judaism's holiest place, the Temple Mount. The current administrator of Temple Mount is the Jordanian Muslim Waqf which has placed draconian restrictions that deny “the freedom of worship and access to holy sites for all faiths,” with exception to Muslim’s.

The Jordanian Muslim Waqf does not meet Obama's stated requirement for “lasting peace.” Therefore I and many advocate the removal of the current administrator of Temple Mount and the establishment of a new management regime that will carry out that which you “require” for “lasting peace”  Did Obama walk the walk for freedoms sake, not just talk the talk. No!

To be pro-Israel is to be pro-freedom of religion, speech, assembly, press, free fair elections, women's rights, and minority rights… etc.  Right now an historical moral consensus needs to evolve into a critical mass.  Recall, the world did not listen to Hitler. He spelled out his intentions, as does the GISM today.

Evil flourishes when good people do not do enough

Understanding and addressing the GISM call for "millions of martyrs” to “march on Jerusalem", in order to "liberate it" and make it the capital of their Sharia compliant Islamic theocratic empire (Caliphate) is essential knowledge in defining and ultimately defeating this totalitarian ideology.

Furthermore know that the refusal by the Nations of the free world to recognize Israel’s sovereign right to Judaism holiest place and places, is one of the if not greatest inspiration for the GISM. The time to remove this inspiration is now, we must stop empowering and emboldening the enemies of freedom and peace by standing with Israel's exclusive right to remain sovereign over a free and open to all, Jerusalem.

After all the contempt of the west's refusal to recognize United Jerusalem, is to its own determinant. Muslims know that the Temple Mount is Judaism's holiest place, they see the world refusing to recognize Jewish Israeli rights, and thank you for inviting their Jihad, by rewarding you, with escalating terror. The more the world stands against Israel, the stronger the GISM has become, now is the time to realize the negative effects of this paradigm and correct it.  

Allah has delivered Temple Mount and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher Judaism and Christendom's holiest places in our hands, is the last message we who are free want to hear broadcast from every Mosque and Madrassa in the world. Just imagine the frenzy, could this start World War 3? Most likely.

Understand that there is no Arab Israeli conflict or Israeli Palestinian conflict. Israel exists in a state of war since her rebirth in 1948. Israel is the subject of ongoing never ending Islamic Jihadist inspired and initiated warfare aimed at her destruction. The vernacular drives the Narrative, we need to win this narrative warfare.

To those that advocate the creation of a brand new state of Palestine I ask; From 1949 to 1967 Israel did not control the so called “West Bank” and “Gaza”, no Jews no “settlements” existed in what today the PLO/PA defines as “historic Palestine". Why wasn’t Palestine established during those 19 years? And the answer is self evident, for there are no Gaza wars of Lebanon wars, Intifadas etc. These are battles in the same war for Israel’s Jewish independence in her ancestral homeland. I call upon those of good will to help Israel to finally achieve her independence once and for all, by doing so, together we will defeat the GISM.

And for those of good will who believe Israel needs to make peace with the Arab Islamic world, I agree. However if you're going to use the words Arab-Islamic and peace in the same sentence that obligates you to stop the Arab Islamist's from slaughtering each other. After all they can’t make peace with their declared enemy until they live in peace among themselves. I implore you to get to work, and when you’ve done that, call me and we can discuss their future relationship with Israel. Terrorism is a tactic, one can not defeat a tactic, We need to defeat the ideology that creates the terrorists. We need to uphold and defend our freedoms and our moral values, and defending a free and open to all Jerusalem is an essential component in achieving this strategic goal. Please join UJFA NOW! United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance the monolithic grassroots pro-Israel, pro-freedom and justice advocacy movement. UJFA’s mission is promoting the maintenance of United Jerusalem, as the exclusive undivided Capital of Israel. Please help by contributing to us.

The Goal: Making History as the Largest Online Community in the World. Send a 
Powerful Message. Now & Forever a United Jerusalem Under Israel Sovereignty.

(MUST READ) Truth Time-> Why there is no “Arab Israeli Conflict” or “Israeli Palestinian Conflict” or “Occupied Palestinian Territory” By Raphael / Richard Haar Founder of the Home
of United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance (UJFA)
(MUST READ) Truth Time-> How Many “Palestinian Refugee” Are Alive Today? By Raphael / Richard Haar Founder the Home of United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance (UJFA) ( MUST READ) Truth Time-> Why there is no “Arab Israeli Conflict” or “Israeli Palestinian Conflict” or “Occupied Palestinian Territory” By Raphael / Richard Haar Founder of the Home of United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance (UJFA) Israel upon her rebirth on May 15, 1948 was invaded by the armies of 7 Arab Muslim states seeking her annihilation. At the end of this particular battle in February of 1949 until June 10th of 1967 the Arab Muslim state of Transjordan over that 19 year period illegally controlled the so called and newly invented “West Bank.” “Trans” meaning other side of the river Jordan. After Transjordan grabbed control of the “West Bank” of the Jordan river she removed the no longer applicable “Trans” from her name, transforming into, “Jordan.” Also during those 19 years the Arab Muslim state of Egypt illegally maintained control of Gaza. During those 19 years did you ever wonder why there was no outcry or insistence by anyone, least of all the so called “Palestinians” to create a brand new state of “Palestine” Did the Arabs of the newly named region of Palestine post World War I commit terrorist attacks against Jordanians or Egyptians. After all throughout those 19 years from 1949 until 1967, the Arab Muslim states of Egypt and newly minted state of Jordan controlled what the PLO today claimed as, “Historic Palestine.”
One needs to recall that the PLO covenant was codified and ratified in 1964. 3 years before Israel liberated the “West Bank” and “Gaza” in a war of self defense from their respective illegal conquerors. In fact article 24 of the original PLO covenant of 1964 “recognized Jordanian sovereignty over the West Bank” and “Egyptian sovereignty over Gaza.” Why would the PLO in their covenant recognize other sovereigns over what today they refer to as “Historic Palestine?” Why after several Arab Muslims states again attempted to annihilate the reborn state of Israel in early June of 1967 and lost again, did the PLO amend Article 24 of their 1964 covenant by removing any reference to Jordanian and Egyptian sovereignty in the “West Bank” and “Gaza.” Unfortunately most people when asked what the 3 letter PLO acronym stands for say; Palestinian Liberation Organization, referencing a national disposition as opposed to what it does represent. In fact the 3 letter PLO acronym stands for; Palestine Liberation Organization, representing a geographic land reference, not a national identity. Knowing this one should ask what lands the PLO in 1964 were referring to, after all in 1964 all of what the PLO today claims as “Historic Palestine” was already under Arab Muslim control.
From 1949 to 1967 when the “West Bank” and “Gaza” was under Arab Muslim control what percentage of the roads got paved? What percentage of the homes were connected to a reliable water supply? How many hospitals were built? How many universities were built? What percentage of homes had electricity? What was the unemployment rate? What was the GDP Gross Domestic Product output? What percentage of the homes had telecommunications?

Prior to the Oslo Accords of 1993 and during the 26 years (1967-1993) when Israel legally administered the “West Bank” and “Gaza” both now under Arab Muslim de facto sovereignty, Israel built 7 hospitals and 7 universities, Jordan built none nor did any exist. Overall on average, less than 20 percent of households were connected to water, electricity or telecommunications. Under Israel’s legal administration all those services improved exponentially, to above 95 percent on average, including the paving of roads. The GDP on average was double digits, today under PA/PLO control the GDP is negative. The average unemployment rate from 1967 to 1993 until the PA/Palestinian Authority was established averaged under 7 percent, today under PA/PLO administration it’s over 20 percent. By the way, major improvements to infant mortality and life expectancy rates were also realized under Israel’s legal administration. In other words Israel did exponentially more for the Arabs of the region that had recently became known as Palestine post World War I, than anyone, bar none! Ironically past and present the Arab Muslims commemorate and commiserate on every May 15th for what they call the “Nakba” in Arabic, translated as the “great catastrophe.” For the Arab Muslim world the rebirth of Israel on May 15 1948 and their failure to annihilate her, is a "great catastrophe". If you don’t get the picture, then you should also realize the following. The Arab Muslims also commemorate and commiserate on every June 4th another day when once again an array of Arab Muslim states sought Israel’s annihilation, and initiated the 1967 “Six Day War.” The Arab Muslims define this day as the “Naksa” in Arabic, or “setback” in English. One wonders what were the Arab Muslims invaders setback from, after all prior to the “Six Day War” the Arabs Muslims controlled all of what the PLO today defined as “Historic Palestine.” Once again the “setback” in fact symbolizes the failure of the Arab Muslim invaders quest at destroying the re-born state of Israel. Is it any wonder why on March 11, 2016, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas again told PA/Palestinian Authority Television: "All of Israel is an occupation." He made this revealing statement, as he had made on many earlier occasions, standing directly aside a map, from which Israel had been erased. If you understand all the above you should conclude that there’s no “Arab Israeli conflict” or “Israeli Palestinian conflict.” And that Israel exists in a state of war since her rebirth in 1948. And that Israel is subjected to ongoing not ending Islamic Jihadist inspired and initiated warfare aimed at her destruction. There are no Gaza wars or Lebanon wars, Intifadas etc... These are battles in the same war Israel has no choice but to engage in if she is to survive, and finally secure Jewish independence and self determination in her historic national homeland. Israel existed millennium’s before Islam was created and conquered her and the rest of the middle east and more, from Christian control. The Arab Muslims accuse Israel of being a western colonial imperialist implant. If you know history you should realize that it’s Islam which means submission through Jihad (holy war) that has subjugated those they have conquered. Jihad is all about colonization. It’s Islamization throughout the world that is a colonial supremacist implant enterprise. Israeli Jews as the indigenous population is decolonizing and re occupying not occupying her ancestral homeland. In fact everything the Islamist's accuse Israel of, they are guilty of.

(MUST READ) Clarity Time-> Not Required: The Case Against Annexing “Area C ” By Raphael / Richard Haar, Founder the Home of United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance (UJFA) When advocates claim Israel needs to annex or apply Israel sovereignty in the Jewish Biblical heartland of Judea Samaria (“west bank”), it’s an admission that these lands are outside of her legal and administrative jurisdiction, which is unequivocally false.
Annexation and or applying Israel sovereignty is not required and those that use these antidotes as a cure for the lands in Israel’s possession beyond the 1949 armistice line and specifically (Area C) weaken Israel’s historical and legal standing. Background Israel extended its legal and administrative jurisdiction (Israel Law) in the Golan Heights by annexing it, as required under international law. The Golan at the time of Israel coming into possession in a war of self defense which is ongoing, was other recognized sovereign territory, placing it outside of her legal jurisdiction. Hence the need to annex it and in doing so assigning it under Israel’s sovereign law. "East Jerusalem" and Judea Samaria (“west bank”) are not outside Israel’s legal or administrative jurisdiction for they were not other recognized sovereign lands at the time Israel came into possession while defending her existence. There for Israel is not required to annex or apply sovereignty to them, as was done in the Golan Heights. There's no such thing as “illegal Israeli settlements”, "East Jerusalem" and Judea Samaria (“west bank”) are not “occupied Palestinian territories” or “occupied territories” they are not “disputed territories” they are not unallocated portions of the British Mandate for Palestine in that they have been allocated and recognized under international law as the Jewish National Homeland by the League of Nations and reaffirmed and incorporated in the United Nations Charter in Articles 77 and 80. Currently Israel is the de facto sovereign in Area C where all the Jewish communities in “close settlements” over the 1949 armistice line are legal under Israeli and International law. As the (PA) Palestinian Authority is the de facto sovereign in Area A, where 98 percent of the non Israeli Arabs of the so called (“west bank”) live, where the PA has in place security forces to enforce her enacted existing law. Area B is under joint Israeli-PA control and is the only territory in dispute under existing agreements between Israel and the (PA) Palestinian Authority. All Israel need do is extend her existing law within its legally administered de facto sovereign territories over the 1949 Armistice line (Area C). Annexation is required only upon lands outside of a country's legal jurisdiction, this is not the case in de facto sovereign United Jerusalem and Judea Samaria. (“west bank”) Israelis and all of good faith should be calling for and demanding one law for all Israeli citizens. Currently we have 2 sets of law which is discriminatory. All Israelis must insist on equal legal rights for all our fellow citizens. It’s a civil and human right that all a nation's citizens have equality under a singular set of laws. It was true for South Africa as it is for Israel. Currently in Judea Samaria (“west bank”) 98 percent of non Israeli citizens reside in territory under (PA) Palestinian Authority, de facto sovereignty. In Gaza 100 percent of the population live under Hamas de facto sovereignty. The only solution is the two State solution advocates use a beyond the absurd argument that without it, Israel will become a bi-national state or an apartheid state. These notions are ridiculous! Those that state the only solution is a 2 state solution believe that Israel is required to offer Israeli citizenship to her declared enemy whom now reside under (PA) Palestinian Authority legal jurisdiction. Israel is not obligated under any circumstance to offer or extend Israeli citizenship to these non Israeli inhabitants, that under mutual agreement already reside under Hamas and PA security and administrative control in de facto sovereignty. The only way tiny Israel can secure her survival is by remaining in charge of all; Water, Air and Borders (WAB). Potentially a NEW (“not compromised by terror”) and democratically elected government in control of “Area A” will deploy a lightly armed police force retaining a monopoly on the use of force with an independent Judiciary, enforcing law and order and keeping the peace with its neighbor Israel and resident population. A legal de facto sovereignty within a (DMZ) de-militarized zone. Conclusion Israel advocates that frame the Issue of control over Israeli population centers in villages, towns and cities within the biblical heartland, that are an integral part of the Jewish national homeland are positing a position that our enemies use against us.Applying Israel sovereignty and or annexing Judea Samaria serves those that believe Israel is an occupying force. After all ONLY an occupier needs to annex or apply sovereignty in an “occupied territory” There for those that promote the necessity of annexation and or applying sovereignty within the Israeli civilian population centers of Judea Samaria are dismissing Israel’s existing sovereignty while enforcing Israel's enemies false claim that Israel is an “occupying power”. Israel’s right to possess her historic biblical heartland that’s Judea Samaria is unassailable. Those that refer to this territory as the “west bank” do so with prejudice. The Jewish people are the indigenous population of the historical land of Israel. Israel has re-occupied and decolonized her ancestral homeland, Thanks G-d.

(MUST READ) Wake Up Time- > Top Down vs. Bottom Up: How to Create Lasting Peace Between Israel and Her Arab Neighbors. By Raphael / Richard Haar Founder the Home of the home of United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance (UJFA) Importing the unrepentant Egyptian born terrorist Arafat with an army of 5000+ heavily armed thugs from Tunisia, and empowering him with the legitimacy to employ an iron fist to take over the the local non Israeli Arab populations in Judea Samaria (West Bank) and Gaza has proven to be an absolute disaster for everyone. Israel covered up this folly under the guise of the so called “Oslo Peace Process” by allowing for the creation of a PLO fig leaf now known as the Palestinian Authority (PA). A dictatorship. Democracy and all the foundational institutions which allow for the creation of a transparent free and open society where enacted law is administered and or proscribed by a democratically elected legislature. A Government who maintains a monopoly on the use of force alongside an independent Judiciary in order to maintain law and order has no relationship with the PA/PLO or Hamas. None of the above comes close to describing the PA/PLO or Hamas. The PA was created as and remains a dictatorship. No free press, no scheduled free fair and open elections for legislative or executive branches. No monopoly on the use of force, no independent Judiciary. Etc... Bill Clinton the President of the United States promoted and oversaw the enactment of the “Oslo Peace Process” and allowed for a PA/PLO dictatorship to emerge under the leadership of the premiere terrorist Arafat. Recall during the Clinton administration Arafat visited the White House more than any other so called foreign dignitary. This policy doesn’t surprise me, because Bill and his wife Hillary never cared much about the rule of law. Shimon Peres a prime architect of the Oslo Process called the scores of Israeli Jews murdered in terrorist attacks during Bill´s administration “sacrifices for peace” (SICK). In fact more Jews have been murdered in terrorist attacks since Billy in concert with the post Zionist Israeli left shoved Oslo down Israel’s throat than in all the prior decades since Israel’s rebirth in 1948. A rest in peace process better describes this so called “peace process.” Concessions based diplomacy is a failed paradigm the more land Israel relinquished the more terror she got. Do you get it, yet? Bottom up time, top down was a crime. What is meant by a bottom up strategy is simple. Start by creating a secure environment for a free press to cover open, free and fair elections at the LOCAL level. Once there are locally elected leaders then this new leadership can begin the process of creating transparent administrative institutions by consensus of the new local leadership and presented to and voted upon in referendums by the people within the respective localities. This policy gives the power to the people on the ground within the communities they live, and where it belongs. Not to unrepentant terrorists who only enrich themselves by retaining dictatorial power. When the new not comprised of or compromised by terror government is established surrounded by the foundational institutes of democracy then we can move toward a permanent peace within new agreements. (MUST READ) Truth Time-> How Many “Palestinian Refugee ” Are Alive Today? By Raphael / Richard Haar Founder the Home of United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance (UJFA) The U.N.’s (UNHCR) United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees defines a refugee as someone who was born in or had resided within a territory for a minimum of 20 years and who were expelled or fled in fear for their life or persecution by an armed invading force. The U.N. modified its definition of a refugee by creating the exception for the Arabs of the newly named region of Palestine post World War I, when it created (UNWRA) United Nations Works Relief Agency on 12/08/1949. UNRWA changed the criteria from 20 down to only 2 years in residence. Most of the Arabs (78%) of the region of Palestine left the region of Palestine voluntarily. They left on the advice of the leaders of the invading Arab armies who sought the destruction of the re reborn State of Israel in 1948. The descendants and their descendants of the Arabs that were expelled were not born nor did they ever live in the region of Palestine and by definition are not refugees. The vast majority (78%) of Arabs that left the region of Palestine did so voluntarily and therefore can never be considered as a refugee by definition for they were not expelled. These Arabs were told to leave the region by the invading Arab Armies in Israel’s Independence war of 1948. This group of Arabs were told they could return after the Jews were “annihilated”. To calculate the number of Arab refugees from the region of Palestine alive today, one need only count from the 22% of the Arabs that were born in or lived in the region of Palestine for a minimum of 20 or even 2 years. One must understand that Israel forced out this particular 22% for strategic military purposes in her attempt to secure victory in a war of self defense. Israel did not expel these Arabs out of malice or in pursuit of ethnic cleansing unlike the motives of the invading Arab armies. Some suffer from reverse causality. Arab rejectionism of Israel´s right to exist and wagging war seeking her destruction in 1948 is what caused the “Palestinian Refugee” situation in the first place. The disposition of what’s left of the 30 to 40,000 “Palestinian Refugees” is the responsibility of the 7 Arab armies that invaded Israel seeking her destruction. Had they not invaded Israel their would be no “Palestinian Refugees” let alone by definition the at most 40,000, alive today.